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GM Automation (Gate Motor Automation) has been specializing in the automation industry for many years now. We are situated in Franschhoek, Stellenbosch and Paarl in Cape Town and install, repair and service all the major brands in the automation industry.

GM Automation constantly strive to provide a high quality of service, installations and repair work to the Public and Business sector, Estates and Townhouse complexes, Letting companies, and Developers. So much so, that we offer a 3 month guarantee on all our work.
Gate Motors:
Gate Motors
Centurion sliding and swing gate motors are manufactured with extreme care and thoroughly inspected. So much thought has been put into every aspect of their motors that they are always our first choice with new gate motor installations. Their motors have been tried and tested. GM Automation repair all gate motors on site, which gives the client a quicker turn around time. The motors also come with a 24 month factory guarantee.
Garage Motors:
Garage Motors
The Gemini 24V garage motors are a simple, rugged design, built for reliability and safety. It’s a true back-up motor that consists of two 12volt 2.4AH batteries to give real reliability in power failures. The 24V DC motor drives a maintenance free chain through a worm gear assembly. GM Automation provides a 24 month factory guarantee on this garage motor.
Electric Fencing:
Electric Fencing
Nemtek Energizers, and products for electric fences, are the leading manufacturer in this field. Its products range from the normal domestic application to larger, multiple zone fences. All energizers are monitored, even on its earth zones, to give the client peace of mind. GM Automation repair all Nemtek energizers, mostly on site, so that our client’s safety and security is not in risk during a break down phase.
Intercom Systems:
Intercom Systems
GM Automation makes use of Bpt intercom systems. Bpt is South Africa’s leading supplier of intercom and entry control systems. Its products are the most reliable, good looking and of the best quality. Products range from domestic 1:1 application to 1:100 townhouse complexes. Bpt also have the ability to ring and intercommunicate from phone to phone.
At GM Automation, we program all types of remotes. Starting of on the usual “Binary, Trinary and French” remotes, to the new technology “Code hoping” type like “Click on” remotes . All of these remotes can be used in any application in the automation industry. Ranging from open-closing of gate and garage motors to switching on-off of electric fence energizers, alarms to security lights.